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After being on a LONG hiatus, i’m back! My baby is now 8 months old, I finally got internet after living in South Africa for 1.5 years. I’m going to have another blog about my running, getting into shape etc!… WATCH THIS SPACE!

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After being on a LONG hiatus, i’m back! My baby is now 8 months old, I finally got internet after living in South Africa for 1.5 years. I’m going to have another blog about my running, getting into shape etc!… WATCH THIS SPACE!

My Pregnancy Survey. 18 weeks and 4 days!


Name: Munawwarah!

Age: 21

Birthdate:July 9th

Height: 5’6”

Weight gained so far: I don’t weight myself, but i’ve definitely gained a substantial amount!


Is this your first pregnancy? : Yes. 

How did you find out you were pregnant? I was swollen in the area below my waist and couldn’t get shorts on that I’d worn the previous week. My sister also told me I was pregnant, she said that by boobs were huger than normal! Then, I started getting nauseas and didn’t feel myself. So, I told my husband and thought maybe we should take a test. We took two and both were positive almost instantly! I took a blood test to confirm, my blood count was extremely high!

What kind of pregnancy test did you take?: Instant stick tests (can’t remember brands) and a blood test!

How many? : 3

What were your first symptoms? : I just felt weird! And then, the morning sickness kicked in.

Who did you tell first? : My husband, then my mom because I wasn’t sure and had no idea what to do!!

Who was with you when you found out? : Husband.

Was baby planned? : Nope… SURPRISE!

When was baby conceived? : Ha, during our 1st week of being married!

How far were you when you found out? I was already 2 months!


Due date:  23rd September

Do you know the gender? : No, and we don’t plan on finding out!

If so, boy or girl? : …

Any names? : We haven’t thought much about names yet but, my little sister has sent me a list of names she likes, including hers! J

Any ultrasounds? : Yes, 1 so far, at 13 weeks…

Have you heard the heartbeat? : Yes! It was so incredible. It sounded like a million horses galloping towards me!

Who do you think baby will look like? This is a stupid question!

Will baby have any siblings? : Yes, I doubt very soon though!

Have you felt baby move? : Yes, my baby likes to move around a lot during the night. I feel it move during the day too but a lot less.


Do/Did you have morning sickness? : I had morning sickness for the first 16 weeks, really bad… All day, all night. Just moving made me feel sick. I don’t have it as bad now, once every few days, and it’s usually set off by a smell I don’t like or when the texture/ taste of something doesn’t agree with me.

 Do/Did you have any cravings? I have cravings, my first one was Nando’s chicken, the other day I had one for bbq, and today it’s for a Marcel’s mixed berry frozen yogurt smoothie!

Do/Did you have any mood swings? : Yeah, I did. My poor husband can tell you all about them!

Are you a high risk pregnancy? : Nope, Alhamdulillah!

Any complications? : Again, no, InshaAllah it will stay this way.

Formula or breastfeeding? : Breastfeeding.

Have you bought anything for baby yet? : No, it’s too early to be buying things but I have been looking!

When did you start to show? : I am a curvy lady with lots of extra padding so my bump isn’t that visable. I just look fatter! Although, this week I started noticing some growth!

How long could you wear your regular clothes? : I stopped wearing jeans a while ago already, I just felt like it was restricting my growing belly. Last week, I stopped wearing my jeggings because they stopped fitting comfortably. I have traded all of that in for stretchy pants and I am still wearing leggings. My mom sent me a whole bunch of maternity clothes which I have started wearing, a lot of which I can probably wear till about 7 months, thereafter I will probably just wear baggy shirts! My mom also sent me new bras but those are starting to feel uncomfortable so i’ll need to buy some new ones soon!

Are you excited? : Yes, very! I can’t wait to welcome our bundle of joy into this world! InshaAllah! I’m a bit anxious about the birthing process though!

Who will help with baby after they’re born? : My husband, parents, inlaws, grandparents and extended family!

 What are some of your favourite things about being pregnant? : Feeling my baby move inside of me, watching my body adapt to all the changes and just in general being pregnant!

What are some of the worst things about being pregnant? : The odd pain in my boob, the fact that I have arthritis so my pelvis stretching is a lot more painful than it should be and, leaving the worst till last, the nausea!!!!

What are some things you miss doing since being pregnant? Doing active stuff, playing touch rugby with my husband and friends. Being able to move properly! I can hardly bend nowadays, then it starts feeling like too much of a stretch!

Are you ready for baby? : I’ll know when the baby gets here but inshaAllah i’ll be fine!

How many kids do you want? : In Arabic, Allahua’lam… God knows best!

Do you talk to your baby? : Yes! Muneer does too; he has the funniest conversations with the baba!

Do you still feel attractive? : My husband still tells me I’m beautiful! I don’t feel ugly… just some of the things I have to wear nowadays make me feel frumpy!

How far along are you now? 18 weeks and 4 days!





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